Just wanted to give you a little feedback on the Outlaw piece. So tonight I played my first gig on it. I can’t believe the sound that came out of my horn this mpc has such a rich, fat and powerful sound and by far is better than anything I’ve ever played in my life and I’ve played a few. I have definitely found the mpc that is good for me.
I just wanted to thank you Derek for all your help and advice over the months for producing amazing quality equipment and the gig was 20 tunes mixed up with Earth Wind and Fire Maynard etc yeah I was tired but still enjoyed playing, can’t say I’ve done that with any other equipment.


-David H

Legends Outlaw


Can’t believe the sound that came out of my horn


Hi Derek, I just wanted to say. I’ve got 2 of your mouthpieces. Broadway and Broadway Lead. Wow. Just wow. I played the lead mpc Saturday night on a gig, and it just screamed. Sunday morning, the broadway was perfect. I can’t tell you how much I love these mouthpieces.


Wow. Just Wow.
Thanks for such a first class, seamless, and personal transaction!
I have experienced none better!
First Class


I have ordered several mouthpieces from Derek and the team at legends brass. I think for the money you cannot beat their product and definitely their customer service. I have played Monette, curry, flip Oaks and the usual Bach pieces. These mouthpieces are some of the consistently best. I always have one in my case next to a Monette. They are also very easy to work with if you have a custom request. They have always answered my emails and done some with extensive knowledge and great customer service. Highly recommended.

-Matt M

For the money you cannot beat their product…
Just did show with the mf you recommended on the phone to me prior to me trying to custom remake with minor changes of my
Wow – your recommendation was awesome – love it so much.
Thanks very much and God bless
for being honest and guiding me to trying one of your production
models prior to the custom one that would have made you more
money. Very cool if you!!!!
Legends JT MF3: “Love it so much”

August 8, 2018

Wow I am amazed with the Super C mouthpiece I thought my bob reeves 42ES was badass. Not only is the Super C range broader brighter and higher. The tonality in the low and medium range is great!!! Got it in time for a Mariachi Gig last night and the projection with unparalleled endurance my colleges loved the mouthpiece as well. And definitely can here me a mile away!
Can’t wait till next week to really sizzle in private gig in Glendale. Really did a fantastic job with this mouthpiece. This is my 3rd Mouthpiece from U, love them all!
The philharmonic, miles davis, and the Super C.
Wow I am amazed


Thanks for the great service.  Received order on Monday!


Great Service


I received the mouthpieces and couldn’t be more pleased. They both complement my horns perfectly and work well together, switching from trumpet to flugelhorn. As much as I have liked the WB-S, the Outlaw out performs it in every category, plus I have the versatility of different backbores.
One question that I have, since I played a Schilke 10A4A for many years, in your experience, which of your backbores is closest to a Schilke A backbore?
Thanks again for your first class and personal service. It is second to none!
All the Best,
Couldn’t be more pleased!


Hey Derek, having a blast with the MF1. Can play a lot of different stuff on this piece – lead, jazz – very versatile and feels great! Thanks for another great piece! Best, Lex

Having a blast on the MF1


Hi Derek,

To let you know that I’ve played the mouthpiece yesterday.

Great work, great quality !



(in Canada)

Great Work, Great Quality!


Got the mouthpieces today!  That was fast.  I told a few students I was ordering some mouthpieces and that they could try them before Nick takes one of them (and I keep the other)…. but they are all like vultures.  They can’t wait to try them.  They want to try NOW.  Not wait for lessons.  Ha. So, who knows.  If they like it, you might get more business.  I’ll keep you posted.




Lot’s of excitement in the Chicago western suburbs trumpet sections.  Ha ha. I already have one kid who probably wants to order the jtbc.  She’s a fabulous player, plays on a xeno with whatever mouthpiece came with the trumpet.  She can already wail above C with pretty much no pressure.  Like a natural, you know?  But I had her try that mouthpiece yesterday, and her sound opened up in the high range, and she hit double high C like it was nothing.  And when she was finished, she almost started crying.  Literally  She was so happy.  So, I’ll keep you posted.


She tried the JT BC and hit a double high C like it was nothing.


Hi there.
Just go my flugelhorn mouthpiece in the mail today. I tried it for a bit and man, huge noticeable difference in the sound straight out of the box. I have a gig later on tonight which I will put it to work. But I can already tell you that I LOVE the feel and respond from it. Just curious, is the flugelhorn mouthpiece suppose to “look” different than my big daddy mouthpiece that I purchased? And two, will you consider making me a cornet big daddy philharmonic piece as well?  I would LOVE to have a set!
Thank you again for such wonderful products!!
Hi again. I played it tonight. The sound was just noticeably dark and rich. Many many compliments for me tonight. I had many people come up to me and asked me what I was playing on. I gave them your info so let’s hope for the best. It did feel a bit large on the cup but I move lots of air and I’ll get used to it. I just LOVED playing on it. Didn’t want to grab my trumpet at all. Lol.
Thank you SOOOOO much again for some wonderful products.
Thank you again!
LOVE the feel of my flugelhorn mouthpiece


Thank you, Derek.

And by the way: the new piece you designed for me (Nicola rim and cup, your backbore on the standard blank)
is nothing short of brilliant! Thank you again for all you do!
Nothing Short of Brilliant


Customer Commented: But this philharmonic is awesome exactly what I was looking for.
Next payday I’ll get the mariachi mouthpiece
Great sound quality, great projection, efficient backbore and throat very pleased!!!

Legends Brass Commented: “Thank you for the kind words and your business. That is a sweet piece. Please help me spread the Legends Brass name. All the best!”

Customer Commented: Absolutely myself and my father have been going to (COMPETITOR’S NAME) for years and tell u what I’m very very impressed with the craftsmanship, quality, efficiency in the back bore and throat.
Off the shelf no one better. Usually have to spend 2-3 hours with (COMPETITOR) if he has time lol to get a piece like this.

I’m definitely going to get more and spread the word !!!!

Pellegrini Philharmonic is Awesome


I’m sure you get this all the time but I’m definitely super impressed and pleasantly surprised, so thank you!


Super Impressed and Pleasantly Surprised


Hi, Derek!

The mouthpiece came in today! Everything came in as it should (I really dig the mouthpiece pouch!), and I’m having a blast playing on this thing! Thank you for great service and an even greater mouthpiece!
Greatly satisfied,
Great Service and Even Greater Mouthpiece!


Hello Derek thankyou so much for your time and patience, after clearing customs and a surcharge I was able to pick up my new “Legends Brass Signature Alan Wise” trumpet mouthpiece at the local post office. As I have hoped for the mouthpiece does have the right specifications I appreciate, especially the bite on the inside rim and of course your #27 Standard custom backbore. I feel just like a kid at Christmas, See Pictures in the attachments. God bless you and yours and thankyou so much, so far so good and now It’s my nose to the grindstone and start practicing profesionally,
With kind regards from a new fan!

(in the Netherlands)

Fan in the Netherlands
My name is Kevin Tague and I’m a trumpet player in Las Vegas. A couple of months ago Dave Perrico handed me a Legends “Headliner” mouthpiece to try. A few days after that, I told him he can never have it back! I’ve been using it for all my lead trumpet work since then and wanted to let you know how much I enjoy this mouthpiece.
For many years I played lead trumpet on a Schilke 6A4a. While that mouthpiece always worked well for me, I felt the sound was a bit thin. Which is a real problem when you’re sitting next to someone like Dave! Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of mouthpieces looking for something that played like the Schilke but with a fuller sound. Occasionally I’d find something close, but the bad always outweighed the good and I always went back the Schilke. The “Headliner” is the mouthpiece I was looking for. The sound is MUCH bigger but I don’t need to work harder to get that sound. Which is incredible!
The “Headliner” is really a great mouthpiece and I’m happy to recommend it to any lead player and especially to people who, like me, like the feel of a smaller mouthpiece but are looking for that bigger sound. Thanks for your great work!
Legends Headliner


Just checked out your new web site…very well thought out…self explanatory…articulate info on the pieces…lots of time went into it…OUTSTANDING!

New Website