Thank you very much again for all of your time with me. I don’t take it for granted. I am often reminded you can usually make more money, but you can never make more time.

Blessings upon you & Derek & Legends Brass. Your customer service is superb. It almost feels like we’re friends 🙂 …

Sincerely –


Welcome to the Legends Brass family, Dan!

Customer Service is Superb


Mornin’ Leslie!

Yes…I ordered TWO CM tops and one CM flugel with large morse taper.

Thanks for contacting me. ALWAYS a pleasure dealing with u guys and receiving ur GREAT products!!


*The feeling is mutual. Legends Brass values our great customers!!

Cat Master Trumpet Mouthpiece

Cat Master Flugel Mouthpiece

Always a pleasure


Cool!  I am very impressed with your high quality reproductions of these iconic trumpeters mouthpieces.  I really like these new mouthpieces and may want to explore adding others to my tool belt.


Very Impressed

June 2, 2023

Hi, Derek.  My custom mouthpiece arrived this afternoon and thanks so much for getting it to me way ahead of schedule.  This is a remarkable piece of equipment, and seems to be everything I hoped it would be.  I may not have mentioned it, but I am 78 years old and have had quite a few issues with my embouchure over the past 5 years.  My biggest difficulty has been with producing a steady tone; hence my interest in your Big Daddy blank.   

True to your description of the piece, it does produce a good, steady tone with a stable core.  It’s amazing that you were able to replicate the “Git ‘er Done” rim in the larger size with a Schilke 9C4 underpart.  This is probably the most comfortable mouthpiece I’ve ever used.  All I can say is thank you and congratulations on some really excellent work. 

Jim W.

Thank you, Jim, for the kind words! – Derek

Legends Brass Blanks

Remarkable Piece of Equipment


Good morning, Derek.           

I am excited, and eager, to receive the “Beast.”  I am indebted to you, and grateful for your outstanding customer service.



Legends Beast

Outstanding customer service

January 29, 2023

I have to approach the RI mouthpiece quite differently than all my other pieces.  It’s a fun challenge to lay back and let the mouthpiece do the work!  Thanks for making these great designs available to all of us!


Legends RI

Let the mouthpiece do the work


Hello Derek and Leslie,

I am overjoyed by the Legends Brass Jazz heavyweight gold rim and cup!

It is a great fit for me.

I was actually surprised when I opened the box. The whole time I was thinking it was going to

be something else I had purchased.

 I was prepared to wait another week or so to receive the order.

Thank you so much! 

I now know where to get my next mouthpiece. You have so many models.

Happy Holidays!



September 29, 2022

Very happy with my WB-S piece and my LA backbore. This piece has a bit more crackle than my GR bergeron, more direct focus. I have tried many backbores and my favorite is Legends LA followed by Warburton NY. Thank you for your great work



LA Backbore

Very Happy


I just had to message you about the “S” backbore. Firstly, where has this BB been all my life. I almost backed out of the purchase because I didn’t want to spend that much on a BB. I had been using a Patrick CL BB along with some Warburtons. Well, those are going on ebay real soon. I cannot tell you how excited I am about playing my trumpet. As an amateur player, confidence is so important. I never realized how much a BB could change my confidence. The relationship between this backbore and my King Super20 S1 is “love at first site”. Thank you so so much. Merry Christmas……Frankie

Legends S Backbore

“Where has this backbore been all my life?”


Dear legendsbrass,

hello, just wanted to thank you for the quick response time, good customer service, quality product, would definately use your store again & recomend you to others, thx.

*This comment was sent to our Ebay store: Saturday, August 07, 2021 at 11:35 AM

Just wanted to thank you


Hi just to say this Maynard mouthpiece you sent me is the best ive ever played, and so comfortable, 

Thanks again


Shop here: .613″ MF FBL TXS Trumpet Mouthpiece

Best I’ve ever played


Derek/Mrs. Saidak…I’ve been looking for a top for my Schilke cornets for over a year now. The “BB” top is EXACTLY what I’ve been searching for as I can’t play deeper pieces. It also works VERY well with ur “Manhattan” BB on my Schilke B7. It’s kind of like Xmas has come…lol! And of course ur Saidak Flugel piece is the best thing since sliced bread! Thanks for putting out such a GREAT product especially for players like me that use small diameter pieces. Butch

Legends BB trumpet mouthpiece

Saidak Flugel

“Best thing since sliced bread”

April 16, 2021

Hey Derek!
I just got this BC Master piece in and WOWEE!!  This thing feels frickin’ great man!  To be honest, I expected to hate it cause of the #30 throat, but it sure doesn’t feel like a #30 throat.  The piece feels focused, supportive, and consistent all the way from low F# to double C.  It’s giving me a clear-ness and in the double register that I feel I’ve been missing.


Legends BC Master

Frickin’ great!

April 15, 2021

I’ve been using your BCJT version for over a year now and love it. I actually got to “buzz” on Chase’s JT when I visited his manager in Florence, Al back in 2003. Your version in the vintage blank comes the closest to it, it’s also brighter than the Schilke version. 
Keep up the great work man…thanks 


Legends JT BC

Keep up the great work


By the way, I am LOVING the gold plated big daddy Chet Baker mouthpiece with my Kanstul model 1601.Simply the best marriage of a mouthpiece with a trumpet in my 50 years of playing jazz trumpet!

Legends CB

Simply the best marriage of a mouthpiece with a trumpet


Hi Derek , I just want to thank and personally praise you for the amazing service right from the beginning of my journey with Legends, my mouthpiece arrived today only after I ordered it on Friday which I think is amazing, I only had time to play it for about 40 minutes but I know this mpc is the one right off the bat, everything about it is perfect. Thanks for an amazing service Derek . Good luck for the future my friend ????


Legends L-MF III

I know this mpc is the one


I am loving the Chet Baker model Big Daddy gold mouthpiece with my Kanstul Model 1601! I have never owned a trumpet mouthpiece that gives me more confidence regarding note placement. I think about the note and the integration of the mouthpiece with my embouchure produces the sound… simply amazing! With that said, I am ready to order the flugelhorn version of the same mouthpiece.

Thanks so much!

Legends .639″ CB trumpet mouthpiece

Simply amazing!


Derek, I received the Legends Scodwell Flugel Mouthpiece today.  It is the perfect match for me and my Scodwell Flugelhorn.  Thanks for the fine advice on purchase of the heavy wt. model.  Thanks Again, Regards, Dave

Perfect Match for my Scodwell Flugel

April 6, 2020

Hi Derek; I got my L-B4L the other day, right on time, and have been enjoying it; I have been playing (with a few deviations) a Warburton 4M/7 for probably over 30 years; My work as a professional Tpt player in NYC over the last 47 years(gasp) has been well,pretty much everything from Big Bands,to Chamber groups,Broadway shows, Salsa Bands..and everything in between..Just wanted to give you a background.   My impressions of the mouthpiece: As I ease into the mouthpiece, Im enjoying the feel of the rim..although I`m still getting used to the slightly larger diameter then the Warburton; I think that will be OK; The rim contour and softness is very nice; I`m used to a flatter rim, but this is close enough and I`m used to it already.   The fundamental sound of the mouthpiece is beautiful! Large,balanced,for sure more on the “legit” side.Nice scale.. I`v never been one to enjoy laser beam playing..Not a put down as I`v played with folks over the years that play like that and are fantastic..but not my thingI will wait a few days to test how it plays as a lead piece, but it does seem that it has some resistance when I step on the gas a bit.; Can`t wait to try it on a gig, when this madness is over…All in all it feels so far just as you advertised it, like a good option as kind of a crossover piece; I used to switch over to a 1C to play the Orchestra gigs, and I didn’t` really like to; This mouthpiece sounds like it would be excellent playing chamber music, or Brass Quintets    Thanks for the great work! Larry

Legends L-B4L

Fundamental sound of the mouthpiece is beautiful!

April 4, 2020

Hi Derek. After warming up slowly on the Git R Dunn mouthpiece I pushed it a little. Played very clear “Fs”. All the mouthpieces I purchased from you are clearly in my view commercial hot rods. The Git r Dunn is no exception. Even though it is a .600 it doesn’t feel like it. It feels bigger. Between that one and the standard Broadway they are life changers. For me they can give you range that you can play when I couldn’t on the hundreds of other pieces I’ve tried through the years. No joke. I know there are players that can play the stratosphere on Bach mouthpieces. No way I can but these Legends brass mouthpieces are sleeping Dragsters waiting to burn some rubber. I will make a video some time and send it to you. I am amazed at my results. Thanks Mark. 

Legends Git R Dunn

Mouthpieces I purchased from you are commercial hot rods…

February 8, 2020

Derek,  I’m not one to beat around the Bush. A spade is a spade.I slowly warmed up for 10 minutes on long tones from C on the staff to low F#. Then I thought I would push it a little bit. I played the scale up to high D and stopped playing. I’m telling you Dude this mouthpiece rocks. Truly a work of Art. I will probably buy a couple more just because I want too. Thanks Buddy. Excellent craftsmanship. 


Legends .625″ JT BC

Dude, this mouthpiece rocks.

December 31, 2019

Just wanted to drop you a line about the Legends BB you sent. It’s a fantastic piece. It feels great and slots really efficiently. I was surprised at how fast I was able to lock in with it. I feel like I sound better than ever! Look forward to doing business again.


.600″ Legends BB Trumpet Mouthpiece

I feel like I sound better than ever!


“Thanks for the insane lead piece! I’ve lost my range every summer with the beatings from day to day lead playing here, but with this piece, I’ve kept up all my range for the entire season! Thank you so much for the quality piece!”

-Blue Devils lead trumpet 2019

Legends L-6A4L

Kept up all my range for the entire season!


Just wanted to say I’m playing a Legends JT RS .624 and it’s incredible. Switched over 6 months ago after playing Marcs for years and I’ve been floored at how good this piece feels and sounds

from a customer in Salt Lake City, UT

Legends JT RS .624



You make amazing mouthpieces and I know it’ll be worth the wait. After my first show on the broadway lead, I came home and sold all of my mouthpieces and am building my legends collection. Thanks!!

Legends Broadway Lead

Sold all my other mouthpieces


Btw, that was my first gig with that SH piece and it performed well. NICE mellow sound and very comfortable!  Kudos brotha!! 



Legends SH FL flugel mouthpiece

Performed well on first gig

May 13, 2019:

Dear Derek,

I received this morning your Heim2.AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!!!!
Is the best embouchure that I never try.Amazing!!!
Thank you so much for this very important help for my sound development.
Have a wonderful time.
All the Best!


Heim 2



You are one fine mouthpiece maker!  The MFIII works great, as apposed to the Monette copy I tried a while back. The way you adjust the blow makes such a huge difference!  Easy to play!

-Adam C.

Easy to play!


Hello Tony and Derek,
I received my Legends Scodwell Mello mouthpiece yesterday. From the first buzz I knew it would work better for me than the stock Conn mouthpiece, or the cornet mouthpieces I had been trying. At .64′ it feels identical to the .65″ GR mouthpieces i use on trumpet, cornet and flugel.
With the horn in Eb, I warmed up on the stock Conn to get a level-set, and then tried the Legends. The intonation was immediately better, as was my range. I can hit a high B without cracking it right now. I’m sure a few more notes will come with practice. The tone is great when I put enough air in on the low notes, and easy in the mid and upper range.
The biggest benefit I see, for me, is that practicing the mellophonium will no longer be frustrating, so I’ll practice it more.
Great product, great service, and it’s been a pleasure talking to you Tony. I’m kind of awed by talking shop with someone in the Kenton band  almost 50 years ago.
I’ve enclosed photos of my horn. Like new, in nickel plate.
All the best,
Robert C

Thank you Robert, and thank you Tony Scodwell for sending Robert our way!

“Scodwell Mello” Mellophonium Mouthpiece

Practicing the mellophonium will no longer be frustrating.


Hey! I am a trumpet player in the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps. One of the other leads brought an L-6A4L in the heavyweight blank to camp this past weekend and we immediately fell in love with it. It was able to blend very well with the section and soar over everyone in our screamer solos. 


We immediately fell in love with it.


Just wanted you to know that I love this flugelhorn mouthpiece you sent me. It solved a lot of my issues switching from the supercat 1 to my flugelhorn. I gained an octave and it still has a sweet tone. Thanks so much.

Dennis R.

Gained an octave and it still has a sweet tone.


Dear Derek,

   i just had to send you a quick email to tell you that the RM 16S that I recently bought from you is the last mpc. I will need to buy.  Because of some unique circumstances, including some nerve damage on the left side of my face, I am relegated to small-diameter mpcs. in order to maintain a “buzz”.  In addition, I have some issues with TMJ.  As a result of these two issues, I can tell very quickly if a mpc is for me or not.  Well, your RM 16S is a Godsend.  When I start to practice, it’s like I’m already warmed up.  When i first plugged it into my Legends trumpet, with a modicum of air, my sound was so big and full that I could hardly believe it.  Many thanks!   (I’m going to do some practicing now.)    

  Greg U. in TX

RM 16S

Last mpc I will need to buy.


Wow wow!!! You did something right with that 10.5 cw. Incredible piece. Love the tone from bottom end and up high. Thanks…if you ever have a used one for a good price, I want it as a backup. Happy Thanksgiving…blessings

-Frank W.

Legends 10 1/2 CW

Wow wow!!!


Just wanted to give you a little feedback on the Outlaw piece. So tonight I played my first gig on it. I can’t believe the sound that came out of my horn this mpc has such a rich, fat and powerful sound and by far is better than anything I’ve ever played in my life and I’ve played a few. I have definitely found the mpc that is good for me.
I just wanted to thank you Derek for all your help and advice over the months for producing amazing quality equipment and the gig was 20 tunes mixed up with Earth Wind and Fire Maynard etc yeah I was tired but still enjoyed playing, can’t say I’ve done that with any other equipment.


-David H

Legends Outlaw


Can’t believe the sound that came out of my horn